Social Expectations are Frustrating the Safe Sex Message

Social Expectations are Frustrating the Safe Sex Message

With Billions of dollars being pumped to marketing that the safe sex message across the media, a lot of individuals still aren’t aware of the probable risks of unprotected sex and adolescent pregnancy.

In Both developed and underdeveloped nations, the concept is considered common understanding and many individuals can find that there are risks in these kinds of actions.

The Lancet shown in a study which the concept of unprotected sex and adolescent pregnancies, as noticed in such advertisements, isn’t embraced by several cultures. There’s been lots of the probable risks to teenagers that participate in sexual intercourse, but many overlook the truth.

People This was mostly observed in developed nations.

Yet, Though developed nations have more individuals engaging in this kind of risky action, they don’t carry the maximum rate of STD’s. Additionally, HIV/AIDS aren’t rampant in those developed nations either.

It is This has led investigators to the conclusion that nations, that have high GDPs and powerful markets, have a lesser speed of STD transmissions. Economics play a significant part with sexual hygiene.

Another Shocking notice of the Lancet is your understanding that exists in developed nations about the usage of condoms. Most are conscious of the probable disorders of having unprotected intercourse but there nevertheless is hesitance to use condoms due to what they dread society may perceive.

One Boys don’t take them as they want to be seen as manly.

Such Social perceptions have hampered the safe sex message because both girls and boys don’t want to get captured with condoms even thoughthis opens them up into the potentially of catching an STD or getting pregnant.

The Results of the study to the sexual attitudes among adolescents should change the attention on what has to be taught in sex education. Most teenagers are already conscious of the advantages of using security, in addition to abstinence; the press has gone to a lot of lengths to get the message continuously propagated. Sexual education course should focus on dispelling society senses of people using condoms as security. Most adolescents are incredibly emotional so sensual experiences will occur.

By With a condom, lots of pregnancies and STD’s could be prevented. Most teachers, as Altering the perception of other people Having open communication, in Addition to consistent counselling And support, is just one such approach to eliminate those senses.